Thursday, February 17, 2011

"What do you get when you cross an observant Jew with a Karate kick? Mordechai Genut.

A Frum Martial Artist in the Jewish community, Mordechai holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt at the Instructor level in the Tora Dojo System of Martial Arts. He grew up in the not-so-safe neighborhood of Sunset Park, Brooklyn and was often the victim of violence and other attacks. It was crucial for him to learn how to defend himself. At the age of fourteen, he came across an ad for Karate classes for frum boys, and decided to join, hoping these classes would give him the tools he was seeking. Mordechai’s family didn’t have money to pay for the classes so he found an after school job, thus allowing him to pay for the Martial Arts classes on his own. Although self-defense was what initially drew Mordechai to the classes, he discovered soon enough that practicing Martial Arts had many other benefits as well.

 As a young teenager, Mordechai, like many other bochurim, struggled with concentrating in his shiurim at Yeshiva and had fairly low self-esteem and was lacking in confidence. Although raised as an ultra-Orthodox, Chassidishe Jew, he did not have the right mentors to show and/or teach him about the beauty and truth of Judaism. As he got older, he asked many existential questions and eventually found his own way to a sincere and deep appreciation of the Emes of Torah and its values. Martial Arts instilled in him a sense of respect and discipline which helped him evolve into the confident, positive individual he is today. Martial Arts also gave Mordechai a great workout and proved to be an excellent outlet.

 Mordechai Genut was awarded Shi Gung “Expert Instructor level” in the Tora Dojo System of Martial Arts. Tora Dojo was founded in 1967 by Grandmaster Harvey Sober, a professor at the Yeshiva University of New York. Tora is translated as “tiger” in Japanese and “Torah” in Hebrew, and Dojo means “school” in Japanese. The goal is to help a person develop a connection with Hashem, develop character, respect, discipline, self-esteem and learn how to defend oneself. As a disciple of Grandmaster Sober, Mordechai firmly believes in the importance of every Frum Yid knowing how to defend themselves.

 Mordechai has trained in a variety of Martial Arts systems including Japanese Karate, Okinawa and Korean Arts, Chinese Kung Fu, and other Internal Chinese systems such as Tai Chi,Ba Gua, Xing Yi and White Crane. He is proficient in the application of weapons such as the broadsword, nunchaku, straight-edged sword, butterfly knives, staff, Tonfa, Escrima sticks.

 As an instructor, Mordechai trains his students to use Martial Arts for self-defense and not Chas Ve’sholom to use the techniques they learn to become “bullies” or look for fights. He constantly reminds his students that the smartest and safest thing to do is to “walk away” from any situation if possible.

 As a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbalist, Mordechai believes in the importance of connecting the mind, body and spirit as a means of helping to develop personality and character. He incorporates breathing and relaxation exercises into teaching, as well as meditation techniques that aid in the development of oneself.

Nowadays, more than ever, it is imperative for people to know how to defend themselves. All too often do we hear about innocent frum yidden getting attacked, mugged, or held up in the streets of Crown Heights and other neighborhoods. U'shmartem Es Nafshosechem (“you shall guard your lives”) is a very practical concept in our times. 
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mordechai Genut, MS, L.Ac. has over 14 years of training and over 8 years of experience teaching all ages and levels in Martial Arts. His classes incorporate traditional Martial Arts techniques such as blocks, punches, strikes and kicks. They also include general stretching, strengthening and balance exercises. Mordechai currently offers Martial Arts classes in Crown Heights, Flatbush and in other areas of New York. For more information about Mordechai Genut, to register for classes or to schedule an acupuncture appointment, call (718)801-6882 or email

Friday, November 26, 2010


Tora Dojo Martial Arts, an authentic eclectic system of traditional Martial Arts is being taught in Crown Heights by Second Degree Black Belt FRUM Instructor Mordechai Genut for the past 8 years.

The classes are for boys ages (6-14) and for Men ages (15+). The classes are geared towards learning basic techniques such as blocking, striking,moving, stance work and defending against potential attackers. Mordechai Genut believes of the importance in studying Martial Arts to help you and your child improve self esteem, build confidence, discipline, self awareness, and to be able to protect yourself and the people that you love.

Classes are located at 1640 Caroll Street bet Schenectady and Utica Ave.

Phone: (718) 801-6882